What began 45 years ago as an artistic commission for the front cover of the annual report, is now a yearly celebration of contemporary art told through the power and diversity of Pernod Ricard’s people.

Since 2010, we have been giving Carte Blanche to renowned photographers to express their creativity in total freedom with only one condition: to use our employees from all over the world as models.

Discover Sanja’s Futuristic Worlds

This year Dutch-Croatian photographer Sanja Marušić presents Naturally Committed – an otherworldly collection of portraits that celebrates a cooperation that revolves around nature.

Each one tells the story of how the person is connected to the ingredients of their terroir across different parts of the world: agave in Mexico, sugar cane in Cuba, fennel and grapes in France, orange peel and cork in Spain, oak in the United States.

Within the global context of 2020, Naturally Committed is an injection of vibrant colour and striking costumes made by Sanja herself, transforming her subjects into incredible living sculptures.

“I stage landscapes and people, then I transform
them to create an imaginary universe.”

Naturally Committed illustrates the devoted and often anonymous work of the men and women who patiently produce the raw materials required to make our exceptional products.

These are unique portraits, a Pernod Ricard employee and a partner linked by a resource that is essential to our products.

Sanja manipulates her images so the landscape and the moment itself become more abstract, creating a surreal new world, using it as a kind of escapism for herself and the viewer. Her creative process brings together costume design, choreography and natural landscapes in an explosion of futuristic colour.

Discover more about Naturally Committed and the Pernod Ricard Group in the FY20 Annual Report.